Message from the CEO February 2018

STAR has added a number of additional services over the last six months that should really benefit our members. We have heard your requests to have counselors hired at each of our recovery centers. All of these staff are on board and can provide individual and group counseling for various focused needs. We understand the benefits of EMDR therapy for past trauma that is currently impacting ones life, so two of our four therapists are certified in this approach with our other two counselors working towards that certification.

We have also added a physical health prescriber to assist members with chronic health conditions such as Asthma, Diabetes, COPD, High blood pressure, Weight management, Hypertension, and Smoking Cessation along with providing Well Man and Well Woman exams and vaccines. If you do not have a regular physical health doctor or need these added services, please contact Deborah Menke at 602-231-0771 to be scheduled for a free screening appointment with Tiffani. We are also hiring a full time nurse to provide ongoing monitoring of medical needs, coordination of care, and educational classes. The cost of labs and medications for these medical needs are also covered for our non-insured members.

Our Life Skills Center has several classes available for seeking and obtaining employment, CPR/First Aid, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, and Peer Support Certification. When a member has joined any part of STAR, they are also welcome to join any other services at the various locations they feel would be beneficial.

Lastly, we now offer free Opioid Addiction Support Groups every Wednesday from 6-7 pm at our STAR Central Washington Street location. This is open (at no charge or appointment) to any adult from STAR or the local community who would like confidential support to stop using Opioid’s that include both prescription and/or heroin addiction. This group also provides support to avoid relapse. We at STAR are here to help our neighbors, friends and the community.

Please stay tuned for our next newsletter.


Suzanne Legander CEO