Message from the CEO

STAR continues to add new services and activities each month. As of September 6th all of our recovery centers are open from 7:30 am – 7:30 pm Monday through Thursday and 7:30 am – 3:30 pm on Fridays. We are open on Saturdays from 7:30 am – 2:00 pm. Our extended hours are provided to give more opportunities for individuals to be able to attend peer recovery activities at the times that work best for them. This means that if you work or go to school during the day, you can still get support in the evenings. We offer a ton of resources and fun activities to help our members be successful and lead fulfilling lives. If you do not like crowds or have trouble getting out of home until the early afternoon, that is okay, we are open and have much smaller group sizes for you in the afternoon and evenings. I recommend you come and participate at these slower times, so you can get more one on one support and get comfortable. When you are ready to join larger groups and activities, you can also come earlier in the day.

If transportation is a problem, STAR also has vans that can pick you up or drop you off within set distances from each recovery center. We serve all of Maricopa County. There is no fee to the participant to use our vans.

Many people are nervous about coming to a new program and would love to get a sneak peek at the recovery center. Others have been already attending STAR and made amazing progress in their mental health and wellbeing, but want to show their family, friends and clinical team how wonderful STAR is and want to show it off. We now offer virtual tours of each of our recovery centers. On our website, please go to the tab Recovery Centers and click on each location. Then select “Virtual Tour” located on that screen and take a 360 degree tour through our centers; focus in on the areas that interest you most. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised as to how welcoming and comfortable our centers are for your benefit.

If you or a loved one has recently been inpatient or have multiple visits to the emergency room for behavioral health or substance abuse needs, please consider our Inpatient Discharge Wrap-Around Services. This program has proven results to help participants to stabilize their symptoms and regain their lives to focus on the future. It will likely significantly reduce your need for future crisis or inpatient services. Our discharge care coordinator can visit you while in the hospital and will come to your home and put in place the supports you believe will help to feel better. This includes having the cell phone of your coordinator to call when facing challenges. We will assist you in getting to various appointments, advocate with you for your needs and continue to improve your wellness by helping you to rebuild your life and minimize the impact of mental illness. You CAN get your life back and we would love to participate in that journey with you. We welcome all adults to call or stop by our centers for a tour.

Other services our members enjoy are:
a monthly Farmers Market for our members to purchase fresh from the farm fruit and vegetables that helps improve their health and wellness.

Participate in our nutrition classes as well as our employment readiness groups, which are very popular.

Volunteerism – We work hard to keep adding new opportunities to participate in the community through various field trips as well as giving back through volunteerism at a number of non-profit programs such as the Humane Society and St. Mary’s Food Bank.

If your insurance does not cover STAR services, please reach out to myself as CEO of STAR to help work out an arrangement with your insurance carrier. STAR has amazing outcome measurements collected over the last seven years that your insurance carrier will want to see. We have documented results that both you and your insurance provider will want our services, so that you can avoid costly and stressful situations and get your life and independence back. We also can serve self-pay members. I and the rest of our STAR family look forward to a better tomorrow with you.