I’m Suzanne Legander, Chief Executive Officer of S.T.A.R. – Stand Together and Recover Centers, Inc. I encourage you to fully view all the information available on our new website and hope you find the information on here helpful. I plan to post various community and legislative changes that impact our members and the behavioral health community, so please remember to check back every few weeks to see new information.

S.T.A.R. has had significant growth over the past seven years with more growth in the near future. We offer many opportunities for our members and the community and I welcome you to come by any of our locations for a tour.

We have recently moved our central Phoenix (STAR Central) location to a much larger beautiful new building in order to serve more members and provide for expanded opportunities for growth. The location is 2502 E. Washington Street in Phoenix. This location is 400 feet from the bus stop and 400 yards from the light rail exit on 24th Street and Washington Street.

In April 2014, Maricopa County welcomed a new Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA), Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care and we’re excited about all the new growth opportunities available within the new array of services. One significant added service is to include primary care for those members classified as SMI and have AHCCCS healthcare directly through the same clinic they receive the psychiatric services.

As of July 2014 S.T.A.R. will provide peer Discharge Care Coordination for people coming out of psychiatric hospitals, to provide 90 days of intensive wrap-around services to ensure a smooth transaction to the community and to make sure we do all that is possible to get supports needed for the individual so that we can avoid any future psychiatric inpatient stays. This service is available upon member request and STAR will also be working with MMIC as well as the inpatient hospitals to offer our services to any recipients that would like to benefit from our services.

I hope you enjoy this website and feel free to visit our recovery centers.