About Us:


S.T.A.R. began with four recently discharged Patients from the Maricopa Medical Center Psychiatric Annex in 1985. The patients got together to provide peer support to others after psychiatric discharge with the goal of providing support, education and companionship to one another to meet their needs in the community and avoid returning to a locked psychiatric unit. In 1987 the group formed a 501c3 and became a recognized non-profit agency in Arizona. This was the first peer recovery agency for behavioral health recipients in Arizona. What started as a support group for 4 individuals twice a week has grown into 4 program facilities operating roughly 60 hours per week serving over 500 individuals annually.



S.T.A.R. helps individuals live the life they love and encourages them to reach their full potential by providing skills to gain employment, enhance social connections, and improve overall wellness.



To eliminate mental health stigma through lived experience and community education.



S = Supporting Others (members, community, and each other)

T = Teamwork and Collaboration (working together internally and externally to benefit our membership and our community)

A = Accountability (being willing to take responsibility for one’s own actions)

R = Results (Improving overall wellness of members and staff and ultimately eliminating stigma)