S.T.A.R. Referrals

For more information call  602-231-0071

Who submits Referrals

  • Members (self)
  • Case Managers from the Clinics
  • STAR Center employees
  • Hospital/Therapist Offices
  • Peer & Family Organizations

How are Referrals submitted?

  • Email
  • Fax
  • Phone
  • Regular mail

Please print out, complete, and fax referrals to: 602-231-0334
The S.T.A.R. Referral form can be downloaded here: S.T.A.R. Referral Form

Email: IntakesAndRenewals@thestarcenters.org

What happens once STAR receives a Referral?

  • STAR checks eligibility
  • STAR adds the person to our system & reaches out to the clinics for needed paperwork
  • STAR will notify the member (by phone) & referring party (by email) they are able to start attending STAR