Welcome to S.T.A.R.

At some point in our lives we find ourselves crushed beneath the weight of life’s challenges, disappointments and obligations. Many silently struggle alone; the brave find help. When you feel overwhelmed and on your own S.T.A.R. will stand with you and help you live a life you love.

Peer Support

S.T.A.R. is operated by people who have personal experience facing life’s trials and overcoming challenges associated with mental health, behavioral health and substance use.

Integrated Care

Studies show adults who live with mental illness die on average 2 decades earlier than their peer age group. This premature death is often associated with untreated and even preventable illnesses. S.T.A.R. offers mental health and physical health services to strengthen communication, encourage transparency and improve overall wellness.

Evidence-Based Practices

Peer support programs improve overall health and quality of life, reduce the frequency of psychiatric hospitalizations and shrink service expenses.

Trauma-Informed Care

S.T.A.R. staff are trained to understand, recognize and respond to each individual and their unique experience with trauma.

Member Focused

S.T.A.R. members participate in operational decisions including the creation and edits to policies, program/service offerings, recovery group topics, community outings and volunteer opportunities.

Employee Development

S.T.A.R. employees complete peer support certification, CPR, First Aid and CPI training, attend monthly staff trainings and perform ongoing industry specific trainings.


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S.T.A.R.’s Amazing Accomplishments

32Years of Operation
128Peer Support Certificates Presented
8000Unique Individuals Served
91080Groups Facilitated

Our Services

Focus on your recovery in a supportive space where staff with personal experience overcoming life’s challenges guide you through groups, provide education and employment assistance, and help you build natural supports.


S.T.A.R. has served over 8,000 unique Arizonans since 1987.