S.T.A.R. was established in 1987, making it the longest operating peer run mental health organization in Arizona.

ASU – Center for Applied Behavioral Health

S.T.A.R. was contracted with ASU – Center for Applied Behavioral Health from 2011-2018 for developing a measurement survey tool each new client is requested to complete.  These surveys were sealed and submitted to the Center for Applied Behavioral Health where faculty compiled the results and issued an outcomes report to S.T.A.R.  To date, the outcomes were very positive, and clients appeared to significantly reduce future suicide attempts; inpatient hospitalizations; increased quality of life; reduced use of ER and other emergency services and almost completely reduced involvement with law enforcement agencies.  At the same time, members reported learning job skills, making friends, re-establishing relationships with family and friends, and some members report gaining back custody of minor children.