S.T.A.R. Administration
Chief Executive Officer: Suzanne Legander
General Email: SuzanneL@thestarcenters.org

77 E. Columbus Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Office: 602-231-0071
Fax: 602-231-0334

S.T.A.R. Central
Site Manager: Amy Cosio
Email: AmyC@thestarcenters.org

2502 E Washington Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85034
Office: 602-685-1295
Fax: 602-685-1298
Member Phone: 602-685-9930

S.T.A.R. East
Site Manager: Cody Sammons
Email: CodyS@thestarcenters.org

1310 W University
Mesa, AZ 85201
Office: 480-649-3642
Fax: 480-668-8919
Member Phone: 623-866-5986

S.T.A.R. West
Site Manager: Danielle Frederick
Email: DanielleF@thestarcenters.org

605 N. Central
Avondale, Arizona 85323
Office: 623-882-8463
Fax: 623-932-2737
Member Phone: 623-882-8986

ST.A.R. Life and Employment Skills Center
2144 E. Roosevelt Street Phoenix, Arizona 85006
Office: 602-795-9567

Special Programs Manager: Joanne Gatson
Email: JoanneC@thestarcenters.org

Culinary Arts Manager: Matt Pulak
Email: MattP@thestarcenters.org

Life Skills Coordinator: Jeff Pobst
Email: JeffP@thestarcenters.org

The Fun Bunch
Program Coordinator: Michael Savala
Email: MichaelS@thestarcenters.org
Information and Member reservation line: 602-685-0280
2502 E. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Office: 602-685-1295
Fax: 602-685-1298


The Young Adult Program
Program Coordinator: Darius M Perry
Email: DariusMP@thestarcenters.org
Information and Member reservation line: 602-705-5721
2144 E. Roosevelt St.
Phoenix, AZ 85006
Office: 602-795-9567

S.T.A.R. North
Site Manager: Brady Thomas
Email: BradyT@TheStarCenters.org

3470 E. Route 66 Suite 101
Flagstaff, Arizona 86004
Office: (928)864-7199